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Sorting behavior

One of the best parts of my job is explaining database concepts to non-database folks: developers, managers, CEOs, my wife, etc. One lesson I’ve had to explain numerous times is that SQL Server doesn’t guarantee that data will come back … Continue reading

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SQL Server install fails due to SQL Browser not starting

While trying to install SQL Server 2012 as a named instance I got the following error in the error log: Exception type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.Sco.ScoException Message: Service ‘SQLBrowser’ start request failed. HResult : 0x84bb0001 FacilityCode : 1211 (4bb) ErrorCode : 1 (0001) … Continue reading

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SSRS report throws an error that says a parameter doesn’t exist when the report designer clearly shows the parameter exists

The order in which the parameters appear in the BIDS Report Data tab can be the difference between your report executing and it failing. Failure to pay attention to this will give you very mysterious error messages! "The Value expression … Continue reading

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